Buy your peace of mind and inspect your water system.

ِِِِA home water system inspection will bring you a step closer to being confident that the safety of you and your beloved family’s health. This will give you the peace of mind that all your tank cleaning procedures and disinfection is done as per the best practices. Our inspection services are carried out by industry leading Inspectors to safeguard the health and wellbeing of yourself and water systems.

Many residents in Dubai including their children do not drink the tap water, but they brush their teeth, take shower, wash their hands and faces with the same tap water.

Due to the regions climate, this creates the perfect breeding ground for many very harmful bacteria, diseases and parasites which will cause major health issues such as:

Bacterial Diseases: Salmonellosis, Shigellosis, E.coli, Legionnaires

Viral Diseases: Gastroenteritis, Hepatitis A

Parasites: Giardiasis, Hookworm & Cryptosporidium

Physical and chemical components: Uncontrolled level of chlorine or Bromate, or excessive levels of sediments

The water system inspection will consist of a visual inspection of the water storage tank, pipes and valves, ventilation and other water control system essentials. In addition, an analysis of the water contents for the whole system from different use points in your house.

The inspection will include but not limited to:

1- An audit of your water tank cleaning company and procedures

2- The domestic hot and cold-water distribution

3- Wet spray cooling water systems

4- Showers or spray washing equipment

5- Drainage systems and traps

6- Spas, whirlpool baths or therapy pools

7- Humidifiers in ventilation systems

8- Evaporator coolers, Cooling coils in air-conditioning systems

9- Fountains and sprinklers

After the inspection is completed, there are two possible outcomes:

1) Your water system is compliant. We issue a conformity certificate with all the laboratory results attached.

2) Your water system is not compliant: We issue a rectification report with recommendations to resolve any present issues.

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Water system inspection fees

Item descriptionUnit price Number
of items/test points
Visual Inspection and checklist
completion, including revisit
for re-inspection, certificate
issuance and rectification report
AED 6001600
Lab testing BromateAED 1001100
Lab testing LegionellaAED 1505750
Lab testing EcoliAED 405200
Lab testing TBCAED 405200
Lab testing TDS Included in the inspection5Free
Chlorine and PH water testingIncluded in the inspection5Free

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