Chairman’s Message

Dr. Mohammed Hadi Amiri

Sowt Al Jouda Professional Safety and Health is committed to improve and to develop business activities and practices in the field of inspection and technologies associated with it. Our broad mission at SJ is to strive for excellence in our tasks and undertakings.
To accomplish our mission, we at SJ are committed to a set of a non-compromisable principles by which we govern our business activities and that in brief states "to operate a high standard, honest, and responsible business". I am confident that being pioneers in the field along with our combined resources and experiences, would definitely enable us to maintain the trust of our clients by providing them sustained, efficient, and compassionate services.
I am extremely proud of my associates and staff members at SJ and I am absolutely sure that we jointly can demonstrate a refined corporate core values including our commitments to innovation and excellence.
Finally, I would like also to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest gratitude and appreciation to our stakeholders for their continued support and our clients for their trust and confidence.

M. H. Amiri PhD